Preventing the collapse of civilization

Cartoon by Christopher Weyant

This is NOT a talk about how AI could take over the world and enslave humans, enough dramatic news, policies, and sci-fi novels tell that story.

But there are still many ramifications from our use of technology. From the very way we record and distribute knowledge into society to how we actively use and maintain available technologies.

This talk reviews our history and world view, and how we adapt to new technologies as much as how we fail to provide maintenance to our technological base. How missing to adopt a technology or how to support the active use of established ones is more harmful than all the dangers and uncertainties that arise from new technologies.

Nürnberg Data Science Meetup #8
Siemens Campus Erlangen
  • Siemenspromenade 1 - Erlangen, BY
2023-06-13 17:30-20:30
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Dr. Óscar Nájera
Dr. Óscar Nájera
Software distiller & Recovering Physicists

As scientist I studied the very small quantum world. As a hacker I distill code, because software is eating the world, and less code means less errors, less problems, more world.