Visualizing a Bethe lattice

During my PhD I always wanted to have an interactive way of plotting a nice looking Bethe Lattice and particular to my work a Dimer Bethe lattice. Because this visualization wasn’t an essential part of my research I never investigated into it.

Git diff images and pdfs

Git is a fantastic tool to version control code. And the advantages of version controlling my work are so evident that I want to version control everything else I do besides code.

Moving to Hugo and GitLab pages

I’m guilty of having an online blog and not writing on it. I must confess that working on its looks and internals is much more fun for me than actually putting some words in plain English for everyone to read.

American Physical Society March Meeting 2017

This March I had the opportunity to go to the American Physical Society March Meeting in New Orleans. Since everyone gets a time slot for a talk, I got my chance too.

The right dictionary

I just found a post on using the right dictionary and I immediately had to review its reference: You’re probably using the wrong dictionary by James Somers. I don’t regret it.

EuroScipy 2016

Sphinx-Gallery is an amazing project, and I got to talk about it in the EuroScipy 2016. Which is great for the experience Here I embed the presentation for convenience. You can find the full screen version of the presentation at:

Choosing a text editor to match my workflow

TL;DR Emacs is the way to go Optimization is my way of procrastination. This time it is about getting a decent text editor. I am at the point where it is just annoying that all my text is getting scattered between different editors and that many times I have to open my same files under different editors to get what I need done.

Using Cython in real case example

Python has grown to be my preferred choice when it comes to programing. It is just so simple to import from its huge selection of modules and just build upon them to get things working.

Using a Framework for web development

This comes after an old idea, that has been bugging me in the last years: “I can’t do everything myself anymore, there is just no time for such thing”. I’m not a specialist in everything, I chose to focus long ago in physics.

Website redo and blog migration

Today my website experienced a complete redo with a new design. The previous presentation was established to mimic my blogger site. That required a great amount of effort because I like simple things and to simplify the blogger theme was quite challenging, I not always get CSS do what I want.