How To Escape Poverty? - Is Your Thinking Keeping You Poor?

I stumbled upon this talk by Douglas Kruger on YouTube. I decided to take notes and write my own summary to deepen the learning experience. It provides me with a reference for later times. Douglas Kruger mentions 8 points, I reorganized them into 5 themes.

Nerd Humor: English - The torture of the conqueror

On November 16th 2019, I held a short humorous speech at the Wordstock festival in Nuremberg-Germany. I never imagined getting this far, and now I only see it as the beginning.

Me as of today

Hello everyone, I’m starting a new section of my life and I want to engage on new projects. But before jumping into anything new, I want to review where I stand and what I can tell you about myself.

My talk at the 18. Augsburger Linux-Infotag 2019

I have always been a Free Software fan and I’m always happy to participate in events where I meet like minded people. Linux days are a great opportunity for this. They are super fun and still hold the free software spirit about sharing your knowledge and learning from others.

Bornhack 2018

How do you take your summer holidays? Some seek rest by laying down the sun like an iguana warming up their blood. Just doing nothing to compensate for the hard work over the year.

Forgetting - Our filter for the irrelevant

I just stumbled upon this article: To Remember, the Brain Must Actively Forget | Quanta Magazine, and it served me as quite a confirmation bias. I always reflected why it is so hard to learn something, or remember something.

It's not about having a backup, but being sure the backup works

Since I discovered BorgBackup (short: Borg) I have felt way more confident about my backups. Borg gives you a space efficient storage of backups, data is saved encrypted, and you get good versioning of backups.

Participating to my first hackathon

I’m currently looking for my next life project and to figure it out I trying a lot of stuff. To that goal I’m getting involved in as many things as possible.

Org-CV an Org export backend for CV

I’m again in this time of my life where I’m looking for a new long term project to work on. Because optimization is my favorite way of procrastination, instead of just making a Curriculum Vitae (CV) for job applications, I decided that I need to implement an org-mode export backend.

A year on my cloud

It has been a very complicated year regarding my cloud services. I started completely unaware of the difficulties, and it has been a fun and painful ride. The fact that there are projects aiming to provide personally controlled cloud services is great.