Visualizing a Bethe lattice

During my PhD I always wanted to have an interactive way of plotting a nice looking Bethe Lattice and particular to my work a Dimer Bethe lattice. Because this visualization wasn’t an essential part of my research I never investigated into it.

Moving to Hugo and GitLab pages

I’m guilty of having an online blog and not writing on it. I must confess that working on its looks and internals is much more fun for me than actually putting some words in plain English for everyone to read.

Using a Framework for web development

This comes after an old idea, that has been bugging me in the last years: “I can’t do everything myself anymore, there is just no time for such thing”. I’m not a specialist in everything, I chose to focus long ago in physics.

Website redo and blog migration

Today my website experienced a complete redo with a new design. The previous presentation was established to mimic my blogger site. That required a great amount of effort because I like simple things and to simplify the blogger theme was quite challenging, I not always get CSS do what I want.