I’m guilty of having an online blog and not writing on it. I must confess that working on its looks and internals is much more fun for me than actually putting some words in plain English for everyone to read. But that is not the point, the content is the point of a blog. This website has gone few visual updates over the years. Each time I decide to embrace new technologies(at least to me) and to work on top of somebody else’s work instead of trying again to do the design by myself.

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This comes after an old idea, that has been bugging me in the last years: “I can’t do everything myself anymore, there is just no time for such thing”. I’m not a specialist in everything, I chose to focus long ago in physics. Thus, for all those web development things I can’t do them on my own anymore. I have to use framework and templates. This is a general Idea. Just take whatever is already done and use it to build upon it.

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Today my website experienced a complete redo with a new design. The previous presentation was established to mimic my blogger site. That required a great amount of effort because I like simple things and to simplify the blogger theme was quite challenging, I not always get CSS do what I want. Also the web site could be seen in web browser but gave already problems in mobile phone browsers, and doing the translation of the blogger site version for mobiles was an unwanted challenge.

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Óscar Nájera

Study the Mott metal insulator transition on a Dimer Hubbard Model.

PhD Student Theoretical Physics

Paris, France