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How To Escape Poverty? - Is Your Thinking Keeping You Poor?

I stumbled upon this talk by Douglas Kruger on YouTube. I decided to take notes and write my own summary to deepen the learning experience. It provides me with a reference for later times. Douglas Kruger mentions 8 points, I reorganized them into 5 themes.

Nerd Humor: English - The torture of the conqueror

On November 16th 2019, I held a short humorous speech at the Wordstock festival in Nuremberg-Germany. I never imagined getting this far, and now I only see it as the beginning.

Me as of today

Hello everyone, I’m starting a new section of my life and I want to engage on new projects. But before jumping into anything new, I want to review where I stand and what I can tell you about myself.

My talk at the 18. Augsburger Linux-Infotag 2019

I have always been a Free Software fan and I’m always happy to participate in events where I meet like minded people. Linux days are a great opportunity for this. They are super fun and still hold the free software spirit about sharing your knowledge and learning from others.


I work on

Delightful Dying

Here I aim to build a service for planing your own death, live joyfully, leave joyfully.


Org-mode backend exporters for Curriculum Vita


Sphinx-Gallery is a Sphinx extension that builds an HTML gallery of examples from any set of Python scripts.

Recent & Upcoming Talks

My cloud, I rule my data and I rule how I communicate

In this workshop I teach how to use the sovereign project. A set of Ansible playbooks that you use to build and maintain you own personal cloud entirely based on open source projects.

English - The torture of the conqueror

This is a short humorous speech for the Wordstock Festival. I go over the hurdles of learning English as a foreign language and all those language quirks.

Monitoring bees and more

Held in German, this talk shows how to use Checkmk and about an interesting use case about it flexibility when it is configured to monitory bee colonies and their honey production.